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Postby chickens1127 » Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:35 am

After not finding a good online FPS engine, I'm depressed and for a year I've been addicted to sniping. No, not Call Of Duty sniping where you just place the crosshairs on the guy and shoot. No,no,no. I mean real sniping, with elevation and wind.

First, you chose from three rifles, with different ranges and accuracuies,
I thought this could be somewhat easy to accomplish, after making textboxes which would feed the distance and wind from the spotter. Then you would find the target, zoom in, adjust your aim, and BANG!.

1) is there a way to make a crosshair with a cursor and the rest of the screen black?

If this is possible, I'll ask more questions.
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Postby Mystery » Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:54 am

I've never attempted to make such a game, but I would guess that the flashlight plugin could be also used to make a lit crosshair cursor, with which you could search around for your target. You'd just need to draw the cross into the flashlight template.

Just an idea, better answers on this topic might probably come from Doggy :P
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Postby mercedes » Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:59 am

What about the game from Reneuend...?

He uses Keygaurd 4~
There are 3 weapons to choose from-He uses custom cursors i believe and it sounds like what u are looking for-with a bit of adjusting --you could fix it to suit ur needs..I think it might.... Shoot em up--[name of the game]...

There is a demo u can download..and see if it suits what ur looking for maybe..[not sure if its been updated elsewhere or not..]
You can probably leave a post..and he'll get back to u..;D

Thread can be found

Hope that helps..!~ :D

I thought there was a tut as well...can't find it though..
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Postby reneuend » Thu Apr 01, 2010 4:05 pm

Thanks for the plug, Mercedes! :-)

You can do what you ask using Keyguard 4, with image cursors. If you look at the shooting game I built or "Get Out of the Dark", you'll see examples. I might have locked out the rifle with a scope because I wanted to have it zoom in a building at the end of the street instead of using the existing buildings. However, I did test it and it does work the way you are asking about.

As for a tutorial, I did create one on image cursors, but not specifically to a rifle scope. I think once you figure out how to do the image cursor its relativley easy to do the rifle scope though.

I'm on very limited time these days, but send me a PM if you have any further questions.

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