Horror FPS for iPod Touch and iPhone.

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Horror FPS for iPod Touch and iPhone.

Postby PWNage_PWR » Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:49 am

Hey everyone,
Okay my first ever game was supposed to be a horror game. It was supposed to be a crossover between my two favorite horror movies, Silent Hill, and Death Tunnel. I decided to not make it, because it was taking too long. As I look back on it I know now that it wasn't taking way too long. So now I'm gonna start making it again, only this time it's gonna be a simple FPS. I'm gonna put in combinations of monsters from Silent Hill and Left 4 Dead. The monsters would sense your movement, as they would not have any other senses but feel, although that sense would be very sensitive so they will attack. When you shoot them they will stagger back giving you a chance to live and kill them. I'll also be putting in ghosts who you can not shoot but they will grab you by the neck and choke you until you press a certain quick combo of hotspots to shake them off.
So look out for it.
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