Escape from H*** in sixty seconds DEMO

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Escape from H*** in sixty seconds DEMO

Postby time-killer-games » Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:01 am

This game has two curse words in it, but the H*** is reffering to the place and the d*** has "ation" at the end of it.

Demo version:
PC / Windows Only
Please note that there is NO full version YET.

Educational purpose:

Fast reading and comprehension. Screenshots of text is CHEATING.

How to play:

You have to escape from H*** in 60 seconds! Is that possible? Of coarse not -- you're in eternal d***ation! Gain as many points as you can before time runs out. Just for the record, your time begins when you open this game's full-screen window! Submit LOGICAL commands in each input box. Want to go EAST? Use EAST as your input. Want look somewhere? Use LOOK as your input. Don't forget to specify WHERE to LOOK. For example, LOOK DOWN or LOOK WEST. Everything is case sensitive, only use LOWER CASE for your text commands. If you give an input not recognized by the game, you will have to start over and click PLAY again If desired. When time runs out the game will automatically CLOSE. There is no save function.

This is the nonreligious h*** and it's a part of "Arkane's" (my other game's) story.


My first released and finnished demo.
I'm working on this and yes I'm still working on "Arkane".

Full version information:

-Save and load function is added. Load your game to proceed with a reset clock! Note: you can only save by earning and spending points!

-At the end of the game you recieve hints on how to beat Arkane.
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Postby reneuend » Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:01 am

Cool! It sounds like a clever idea for a game. Nice to see some fresh ideas!

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