Old Thomas Kenson Ideas In My Head

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Old Thomas Kenson Ideas In My Head

Postby Jaked » Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:37 pm

Okay, because I can, I'm posting the stories from my Thomas Kenson series that were... good, I just didn't have either the initiative or the full AM yet to pull it off. If anyone who wishes to make a more Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew-like detective game, feel free to use these ideas (with the exception... of course... that I will be called consulting story developer in said project). Okay. In fact, one of these, The Arson of Charles Creek, bears strong resemblence to the new Nancy Drew game coming out in October, Alibi in Ashes. Aww... :(

Murder in the Spotlight: *Insert detective name here*, after solving several cases close to home, he is selected to go on a case on the outskirts of Philadelphia, where a lead actor was murdered by a tampered spotlight (so it should rather be, Muder UNDER the Spotlight... heh heh), and so it is up to *detective* to solve the case. Was it the director, the producer, fellow actors, or perhaps a reporter just as snoopy as you? *If you want the full story, please PM me if you are interested*

The Murder on the Mound: When a local park ranger of the Radcliffville Indian Mound State Park is pushed off a nearby waterfall, it is up to *detective* to solve the case. Many angles are part of this, including smuggling bays, jealousy, counterfeiting, and everything every Hardy Boys villain ever did (which was counterfeit, smuggle, and steal, almost 100% by the way). Perhaps the rich owner of the nearby sawmill is using it to his advantage. Perhaps his fellow park rangers had something to do with this. It may be about the almost eco-terrorists hanging around the park. Who knows? You'll have to find out.

I have others, but I'm running out of posting space.
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