Help in getting copy of "Lazypookzz Escape"

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Help in getting copy of "Lazypookzz Escape"

Postby mrmyst » Fri May 21, 2021 5:44 pm

Okay, this might be a bit weird, but after MANY years I somehow remembered that game (not even by title, just by appearance) and somehow felt the urge to play it again, especially Part 1. My trouble is: The download page ( is offline for many years now, although the wayback machine did allow me to find out how the game was called. The game was not widely acknowledged unfortunately and every download offer still existing is just a dead link to the defunct page. The PayPal link in the Web archive also directs to the generic PayPal landing page so getting his or her more recent contact data (or donating a reasonable amount and asking kindly for the game) won't work either.

I know that this game was not particularly special or significant, but now I remember it again I really want to play it. Although user Lazypookzz has not been online here for literally more than a decade, my hope is that someone else still has the file and would kindly provide me with it. Since it was free to download on the publishers page, I'm sure he or she wouldn't mind. By the way, the copyright was to the name "C. Rijkens" (almost certainly) from the Netherlands.
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Re: Help in getting copy of "Lazypookzz Escape"

Postby reneuend » Thu May 27, 2021 2:56 am

That's a tough one!
I'll do a little poking around, but since I don't remember it, I probably won't be much help.

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