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Forum rules

Postby GM-Support » Wed Apr 26, 2006 4:30 pm

As per the recommendation of the other moderators, I am posting the forum rules, which are similar to those of most other forums:

  • No unsolicited advertisement is allowed.

    However, you are allowed to:
    • advertise Adventure Maker games or apps on the "New Games Announcements" forum.
    • advertise Adventure Maker plugins on the "Plugins" forum.
    • advertise other products on the "General Chat" forum, with respect of the other forum rules (no sexual-related content, no spam, no duplicate posts, etc.).
    You are also allowed to talk about any products on any forums, provided that your post does not appear to the moderators as an advertisement.
  • No inappropriate, profane, defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent or unlawful topic, name, material or information is allowed. Pornography, warez, and illegal content may not be linked from this forum.
  • Do not post several times the same message.
  • Maintain only ONE username per individual.
  • Moderators reserve the right to remove any posts or topics, as well as to ban users and remove inappropriate signatures.
  • Do not bump old topics(start a new post)
  • Rules are subject to change without prior notification.

    No spamming in PM's, or elsewhere.

  • No unsuitable links to pornography/gore/virus/spyware websites
    (Such as anything visually disturbing, nudity, anything that messes with anyone's computer)
  • No flaming, harassment, or disrespect
    (Such as racism, being overly rude, or general disrespect to another chat member, especially for race, religion, political issues, or sexual orientation)
  • No sexually inappropriate behavior
    (Such as asking someone to flash, flashing, cybering, or anything that can be thought of as sexual harrassment)
  • No illegal behavior
    (Such as doing drugs/illegal activies on cam, talking about doing drugs/illegal activites)


  • Any private message containing possible harassment should be referred to the Moderation Team.
  • Any post or thread containing possible harassment should be referred to the Moderation Team.
    1.Users should refrain from replying to any inappropriate content.
  • Definition of harassment: words, conduct or action, usually repeated or persistent that, being directed at a specific person, annoys, alarms, or causes substantial emotional distress in that person and serves no purpose.
  • Any thread, private message or post found to be addressed to a particular user with intent to harass will be deleted with no shadow.

  • Any user found to be guilty of harassment is to be banned, for such time as is deemed necessary.

Torrents are allowed but must be on a legal tracker!
Or upload the torrent file to a free host and link to not link to a warez tracker.
Allowed Sites

* (free)
* (free)
* (small)
* (torrent front-end to selected archive files) *RSS
* (content costs money)
* (open beta, accepts donations for content creators)
* (Down)
Added by Candle 10/10/08
Edit By Candle 03/15/08

If you think that an additional rule should be added, please send me a PM.
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