AM features for PSP?

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AM features for PSP?

Postby mhs12grade1992 » Thu Mar 01, 2007 7:19 pm


Do you not know that Macromedia Flash supported in PSP?

Do you not know that Javascript is supported in PSP?

Do you not know that audio supported in PSP?

Do you not know that saved data supported in PSP?

Do you not know that video supported in PSP? Only .MP4 file type supported. It may required filename specific as M4V10001.MP4 like it does under MP_ROOT folder.

Gm-Support said Yes, Javascript does support in PSP. He is right. I found it in the settings.

So, GM-Support, I know Adventure Maker can implement .MP3 and .WMA files into Audio TABS on Hotspots Window. Also Adventure Maker can implement Javascript Editor under somewhere Windows and Tabs. And Adventure Maker can implement Flash files under Hotspots.

Also I found MouseOver icons on Adventure Maker hotspots in PSP Browser mode.
It cannot be seen on Adventure Maker run-time design mode.

I bet GM-Support will implement Flash (.SWF), Video (.MP4), Audio (.MP3 and .WMA) .... I doubt .MID can do, and Javascript on Adventure Maker version 4.3

Hey I bet he would because I have seen supported in PSP now. I have Firmware v2.71 and up.
Oh yes, .PNG supported in PSP. I found .PNG file on PSP from Scarface disc.

Yes, .PNG, I repeat, .PNG is supported on PSP. Of course, .JPG and .GIF supported.

I tried to save game on my PSP but I see you haven't implement it on Adventure Maker like you said it last December 2006.

Right now, GM-Support, this is very hard for me to do anything on version 4.2 because of missing features that I needed.

So I am waiting for sound, savedata and Javascript Editor on Adventure Maker.

<< audio >>
<< savedata >>
<< back to last frame >>
<< Javascript Editor >>

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