ADVENTUREDEVOP: Looking for collaborators

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ADVENTUREDEVOP: Looking for collaborators

Postby SeryousYew » Mon Jan 29, 2007 6:44 pm

Adventure Develop would be a free and open alternative to AdventureMaker, providing an user-friendly interface and a complete environment for develop point&click game using the Christian Walther's PIPMAK game engine

It can NOT be compared with AM because AdventureDevelop does not provide an engine itself. The game engine used in AD is an already existent and separated project ( ) with value and lacks than AM

Looking for:


Ask me for more informations. PM-me to know how to access the source repository (CVS) or how to get a IDE.

P.S. for G.M.:
Have you ever thought to release AMFree under G.P.L or similar? (or fork the project like e.g. SUSE&OpenSUSE or RedHat&Fedora) ...
I believe strongly in the Community and AM has a great one. It can do much for this program!

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Postby GM-Support » Fri Feb 02, 2007 4:13 pm

Hi SeryousYew,

or fork the project like e.g. SUSE&OpenSUSE or RedHat&Fedora

Yes, I am considering this. By the way the current plugins system is a step in that direction.


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