Purchase and Trend blocking [solved]

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Purchase and Trend blocking [solved]

Postby Simon » Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:32 am

Hello everyone ! I'm very happy to be here on the AM forums !
I had a lot of troubles to get my account working and to connect on the site, and if I'm here, it's all thanks to... Mercedes !! So, thanks again for the big help !

I'm a 3D graphist planning to try making my own independant game with AM (I'll make a special post about that), but I want first to tell the site administrator(s) about all the obstacles I encountered before I can come here and post...

Here is the history of my first steps with AM :

- 0x/06 : I have a great Riven-like game project based on a personal 3D short film I made.

- 10/06 : Tried AM 4.6.1 free and loved it : decided I'd buy the full version soon !

- 11/06 : I went back to the AM site, and discovered it was blocked once and for all by Trend Micro (including forums), saying the site maybe involved in virus distribution or online frauds. It means all Trend users can't access the AM site !

- 11/06 : Decided to desactivate temporarily Trend on my PC to access the forums and I created an account. I read it needs to be accepted by an admin, and I'm waiting for this.

- 11/06 : Same time, I decided anyway to buy the full soft via kagi (your payment platform) and paypal. I disabled Trend and made the transaction ! Everything happened nice and I received the payment confirmation, saying the soft and explanations would come soon by mail. The money has been taken from my account.

- 12/06 to 22/06 : waiting for the full AM soft and/or unlock key to come in my mailbox, or instructions. I'm still worried because of Trend's blocking (was AM hacked ?)

- 12/06 : I contacted the Trend support.

- 13/06 : Answer from Trend :
"I have personally checked the website that you have mentioned in your email and verify that it was blocked by the Trend Micro program. This website was tag as a ?Disease Vector? meaning this website carries a malware that may infect you computer and will cause unwanted behavior of your computer like slow computer performance, delete you files and permanently damage your computer. I would suggest to refrain from visiting this kind of website to avoid any malware infection on your computer."
I'm a little frightened I've been scammed by AM or Kagi : no soft, no answers, money taken, and malware risk... That's a bit too much !

- 14/06 : Trend's answer doesn't cheer me up ! I decided to contact AM administrator once and for all, disabled Trend on my PC once again, and sent a mail at : contact2006[at]youknowwhat[dot]com to explain the situation.

- 14/06 : Same time, I wrote to Kagi (the shipping platform) to get some information about the seller, and tried to know if the situation was normal.

- 17/06 : no answers, from both AM and Kagi I decided to have a look for another contact e-mail on the forums, from a profile of an active member who could help me, and decided to contact Candle (rudolphster[at]googlemail[dot]com).
No more answer. I start to believe the AM project is dead and that I'll never get the full soft...

- 19/06 : my last hope, and last action before I give up : e-mailed Mercedes, which also seemed to be an active member...

- 20/06 : answer from Mercedes ! Yes ! I'm relieved, and we try to find a solution so that my account on the AM forums can work.

- 21/06 : finally, after I disabled Trend's "prevention du vol de donn?es" (don't know the english name), I was able to login on the forums... And here I am, posting my history !

NOW !!! It's not over yet ! I'm still in trouble ! :D

1 - I still don't have the full AM soft that I paid ! As I said before, Kagi took my money the 11/06, I got a confirmation from paypal, but no mail from Kagi ! I'm still waiting for the instruction mail, in order to download the full version of AM...

2 - Something should be done for all Trend users who want to acess the AM site. It's quite painful to desactivate Trend each time you want to visit the site, and it prevents all Trend users to take a look at AM news, main site and forums. There is NO access... If there really is a malware, as the support told me, something should be done about it...

Well, I think that's it ! I hope you understand what I tried to explain, even if my english is far from perfect.. :?
I hope all of this will help somehow the AM project, which is almost inaccessible to Trend users... and maybe others ?
Thanks for your future answers !
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Postby Vengeance66 » Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:39 am

Welcome to the forums Simon :)

I can't believe that AM is blocked by Trend... :shock:

I have a full version and the moment I paid I got the e-mail. Everything is working fine, my games are working, not a virus detected.

Hope that you will resolve this problem with GM Support...
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Postby Simon » Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:45 am

Hi vengeance !
Yes I really hope so :D
Thanks for your support !

I wonder if the problem is not from Kagi also... ???

Btw, I made an official annoucement for my AM game project here ;)
http://www.adventuremaker.com/phpBB2/vi ... php?t=6480
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Postby reneuend » Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:37 pm

Hi Simon and welcome!

I've never heard of Trend, but it seems to be wrong about the AM site. I've never had any issues with the AM website. You couldn't have contacted a better member than Mercedes in my opinion. -

I'm sure at some point GM will contact you. He's not exactly quick about those things unfortunately.

By the way, your english is very good.

I look forward to seeing some of your work and please don't hesitate to ask questions here on the forum.

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Postby Simon » Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:58 pm

Hi reneuend and thanks !

To be clear, I should say that by "Trend" I mean "Trend Micro". I think they're quite known because they're serious, and that many people/companies use their antivirus software.

The real name of Trend's soft is "Internet security", sometimes called "Titanium" also. Most people knew the old name which was pc-cillin.

Usually, the soft never blocks the sites I visit, unless it's for a very good reason. That's why I was really really surprised when I saw AM was blocked !

Mercedes suggested that some of the bots that visit the forum can spam you if they get your mail. Maybe Trend's blocking is all due to these bots ?

reneuend wrote: I'm sure at some point GM will contact you. He's not exactly quick about those things unfortunately.

I don't care if it's not quick :) the most important is that the situation is solved. These past days I somehow overreacted when I thought I'd never access to the forums or get the full soft, but now I'm sure everything will get back in order !
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Postby GM-Support » Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:44 pm

Hello Simon,

Sorry for the issues that you have been experiencing.

I have just sent you a private message about the matter.

I am also going to inquire about the Trend Internet Security issue.

Best regards,
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Postby Simon » Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:35 am

GM, thanks to your support and patience, I made it !
I received the instruction mails this morning, and successfully unlocked AM !

To conclude this thread, and for all those using Trend who would have the same problem than me, here is the solution :

I'm speaking of Titanium Internet Security 2011. I don't know if the 2012 version makes the same problem.

1 / You need to desactivate Trend's "Web Threat Protection" to be able to visit both the site and the forums.

2/ if you subscribe on the forums, you won't be able to login unless you have desactivated Trend's "Data Theft Prevention".

3/ You won't receive ANY AM emails (even in the spam folders) unless you desactivate Trend's "Spam Blocker".

You can keep the basic "Antivirus and Antispyware" potection running, it won't find any single problem in the emails or files you receive from AM !
That's it !

This is just crazy, I never encountered that kind of problem, so yes, it would be great if you could solve this issue GM ! :D

Edit :
While searching the forums for another problem, I found two older threads related to a malware in the AM soft. Trend's blocking is due to a malware (that's what the support told me) so there's probably a link to make between the 2 cases.
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